Long Distant Angels💕

I’m sure you’ve had people in your life who have consistently checked in on you, motivated you & cheered you on thru tough times. This could be parents, siblings, husband, friends, boyfriend, etc. But what about those silent angels who push you, challenge you, & believe in you? What if I told you that I have never met these long distant angels face to face! I continue to reflect on a tweet @Science4UsSays (who I adore) created.

I too can concur that I ❤️ my virtual friends too! These virtual friends are my silent mentors. They are my BFF’s!!! I have accomplished so much since opening this Twitter portal 6 years ago.

It all started when my former principal & good friend, Tara Grove introduced this platform to our school a few years ago. I was pretty scared but she’s such a positive force that whatever she was selling I was buying🤣🤣. Tara is a true risk taker & promotes this culture! She is an Amazing educator who radiates positivity, love, & compassion. I miss her😢

So, I started small. I was posting various updates in my classroom, slowly following incredible educators. It was amazing to hear the feedback from my kiddos parents. They could see into the window of our classroom everyday on Twitter. They absolutely LOVE!

Tara also introduced me to Flipagram which is renowned so I use the Quik app. After every week I select pics and create a weekly video. This showcases our amazing learning for that week. Here’s an example:


I also made a year end over holiday break❤️


This is where I saw certain apps and sites which I said My kids would so benefit and ❤️. These sites included: Flipgrid & Night Zookeeper . These 2 apps/sites are not only amazing but it’s what they stand for: OUR KIDS! They promote voice, creativity, originality, confidence, & kids are sooo motivated! And that’s just the product, the people- OMG! They are the most sincere, helpful, caring, relatable listeners who I consider my family! They are my friends who challenge me, believe in me, care about me, & push me outside my comfort zone.

Not only did I come across amazing software thru Twitter but the friendships I have formed are just as priceless! Being a breast cancer survivor & having some hiccups along the way I have learned not take one day for granted! Life is too short and we don’t know what tomorrow will bring!

I think this is why I have taken so many leaps within the past couple of years: I have taught a Flipgrid PD session in my district not once but twice, moderated not one but 2 Twitter chats: #champforkids & #AIMSnetwork which is a middle school chat and I teach 2nd😳. I have joined a Voxer book study group & also started blogging my journey (which is even more scary- educators reading your journey and critiquing.) and just recently I will be videoing a Flipgrid Gridguide Genius Hour Feature with this amazing duo: @MrCoachK15 , @kathrina_mendez . I will also be on a podcast show!

I am petrified & my heart skips a beat as the deadline gets closer but I also LOVE this feeling of accomplishment when it’s all over! I don’t want you to think I am bragging but I am proud of myself. A person who wasn’t a fan of writing, an introvert when it came to risk taking, fearful of speaking in front of people & lacked confidence to even take the jump. I have my Twitter family to thank💕. I don’t have any sisters in my family but I consider each of these rockstars my sisters💗 These are just a few you’ll want to follow including the educators I previously recognized 🎉who has made an impact on me as an educator & a person!

@Hachen2nd was one I LOVED watching when I started Twitter. Her creativity & love for her kids was contagious & I have learned & continue to learn so much from her.

@JoyceBronwyn Geezzz, where do I start? This super hero is changing the face of education in Australia, U.S. & globally! A huge advocate for ALL kids & changing what used to be! She founded #Ourglobalclassroom which is my family💕

@RaeHughart I remember interacting with her for the 1st time on #masterychat & then my curiosity started & I connected with her thru FaceTime. I frantically took notes & absorbed all of her ideas! She has taught me & continues to teach me so much about bringing the real world into my classroom & being purposeful! She has also believed in me & challenged me to twitter chats & even a podcast. 😱

@jchandlerteach invited me to join the #stoprightnow39 Voxer group- She is an amazing friend who checks in on me & motivates me- She has an extraordinary ❤️ & the love & knowledge she gives to both her kids & the Twitter verse is magical!!!

@khoggardGRT allowed me to moderate #champforkids which was the 1st time moderating a chat💕 She is a wonderful personality & always puts others first!

@TaraMartinEDU is such a positive person who has taught me to be true to yourself & to cannonball thru life with no regrets! She even spoke of me in her book: Be Real!😱😱😱 Still in shock about that! Both my kids and I have loved creating booksnaps which she created. We loved them so much that we created the cousin to booksnaps which is Skypesnaps. After my kids are finished with a Mystery Skype, two of them create a Skypsnap which showcases the state we Skyped with & what we learned about the state. Here is an example. We also put all the Skypesnaps on a padlet. This is a great way for kids to showcase what they learned about that state!

Sometimes we Mystery Skype with special people & still do a Skypesnap. We not only focus on the state but the special guest as well;) Here are examples.

Both @Tamaraletter & @ LaVonnaRoth exude kindness & positivity!!! They can make anyone who is having a bad day see the rainbow at the end of the tunnel.

There are soooo many more unsung heroes who continue to impact my life and make me a better educator & person! I can’t thank them enough! They are my Family💚 (#PLF) I so love them and hope to meet them one day! It’s so cool to say I have family all over the 🌎. So if you are on the fence about Twitter or diving deeper, Take the plunge! You won’t regret it! My heart continues to grow every passing day I’m on Twitter 💕

More Unsung Heroes: @berngill , @LindaEdwardsi , @ChristineBemis2 , @robin_schuh , @bhopteacher , @MrsAdamsPOFF , @ilueducating , @sbentonteach , @BarbaraGruener , @giftedgem , @WallerALPHApack , & so many more❤️🤗


Have you laughed today?

With the hussle and bustle of life it’s hard to take a moment & reflect on the day. But I have a question for you:

Have YOU laughed today?

You might be thinking, this is the stupidest question, but I feel that a good laugh 😆 can boost a person’s attitude, reduce stress, clear ones mind, boost creativity, & simply make one feel good!

I laughed at my youngest daughter yesterday on the way to school. She was singing the Adele song, Hello. After singing the iconic, Hello, she said, “Your mom!” This is a joke my oldest taught her! If you have kids you probably know the joke. My youngest daughter, Abby, also happens to have Down Syndrome but you would never know. She has such a witty sarcastic sense of humor which I LOVE! She is not limited by the extra chromosome she possesses. Both of my daughters ALWAYS make me laugh!

My 24 2nd grade kiddos also make me laugh daily! I remember we were getting ready to play a math game and I asked the kids what is the goal? One of my kids said “To win!” We all laughed! Another time, we were setting up our town for our social studies unit and was talking about businesses – The town was set in the older days so we discussed businesses such as market, blacksmith, etc. One of my kiddos said we need a Saloon! We had another good laugh!!!

I know life can be stressful with finances, having enough time, stress of job: assessments, observations, etc. but one good laugh a day is contagious & spreads like seeds of kindness! I have been there many times! I have been stressed: snapped at people, been negative, and realized that my attitude spreads. I no longer want to be that person spreading negativity! Being a breast cancer survivor has given me a new perspective on life! I don’t take a single day for granted & know that everyone is fighting a battle we know nothing about! Each person can use a laugh & positive energy.

Let’s spread laughter❤️🤣❤️🤣

So I ask you: Have you laughed today?